Keyboard Tracks

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Delivery Time 1 - 3 Business days

The way it works: 

  • You send the file(s) along with all the necessary info
  • I will record overdubs and send the keyboard-tracks back to you.

  • 1 song: 99.00 (EUR/$)
  • 3 songs: 250.00 (EUR/$)
  • each additional song: 50.00 (EUR/$)

Enquiries & more info: [email protected] 

Product Information

Learn more about the process.

How It Works

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  • Upload or Transfer: send me your music
  • Quote & Delivery Date: you will get a quote and delivery date
  • Recording: I record the keyboard tracks and keep you updated 
  • Download: get your tracks via my Dropbox once you're happy

Once I've recorded the tracks I'll send you a preview. 
If you’d like me to make any changes I'll incorporate your wishes into a new version until you’re completely satisfied with the results. 

Once approved, I’ll send you the keyboard tracks.
You will get the total mixdown & all single tracks: uncompressed audio file(s) in full resolution (AIFF or WAV / 44,1 kHz or 48 kHz / 24bit). 

Important to know

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The more info you provide the better:

  • ideas about arrangement & instruments
  • charts, lead sheets, sheet music, MIDI Files
  • sampling rate
  • ... 

You will pay via PayPal. 

  • 1 song: 99.00 (EUR/$)
  • 3 songs: 250.00 (EUR/$)
  • each additional song: 50.00 (EUR/$)

For special 'high-quality acoustic recordings' I get some help from my studio-partners. They have recording rooms offerring excellent acoustics & vintage instruments (grand piano, B3, fender rhodes, wurly etc) 

Special Offers

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  • last minute: get your custom keyboard-tracks within 24 hours
  • band recording: my studio band TasK 4-Ce is ready-to-go
  • real deal: you can hire me for 'real' recording sessions, as well